We’re always happy to answer your questions.  If you don’t find the information you are looking for here, please contact us!

Do you do both flowers and wedding planning?

Yes! We provide floral services, event design, and event planning and coordination.

Do you work off of Whidbey Island?

Yes!  We will provide floral service for any event in the greater Seattle area. We specialize in planning weddings and events on Whidbey Island, but we are also happy to help with coordination and planning for any special event anywhere, especially in the San Juan Islands or on the Olympic Peninsula.

If I hire you for wedding planning, do I have to use you as my florist?

You must use us for florals if you hire us for event planning beyond day-of coordination.  We happily provide coaching and/or day of coordination without the purchase of a floral package.

If I hire you for flowers, do I have to use you as my planner?


Do you only provide flowers and planning for weddings?

No! We are happy to provide flowers or planning for all sorts of events.  We enjoy planning and designing for birthday parties, corporate functions, elegant dinner parties, and family picnics.  Whatever you can conceive of we can execute!  If you need help with any planning or logistics, from tenting to finding the right caterer to pulling together a unified event design, we would love to jump in and help!

How does your pricing work?

Since each of our clients is unique, and we want their event to feel special and relevant to them, our primary focus is on custom work.  Therefore, our pricing is also all custom.  While we can give you a general range of costs for an “average” event, we would rather have a conversation about your particular event and vision, and create a quote that is relevant to you.  Pricing is one of the hardest questions to answer.  It depends on many factors including the types of flowers you request, the quantity of flowers, and seasonality as well as logistical considerations.  Our quotes are always complimentary and are the best way to get an accurate cost estimate.

For custom wedding floral clients in 2019, we request a minimum financial commitment of $3500.  For those wishing to spend less we offer a “Season’s Best” designer’s choice package that can provide you with gorgeous, unique floral designs in your colors suited to the budget-conscious bride.

If I just need a little bit of help or advice planning my wedding, can I hire you just as a consultant or coach?

Yes! We are available on an hourly basis to help you check over your plans to make sure there are no gaps or problem spots. We are happy to help as needed!

What is the difference between event planning and event design?

Planning encompasses making sure all the logistical details are managed.  For example: getting the vendors lined up, managing the timeline, making sure the coolers and ice are there on time, that the power cord is long enough to reach the amp, etc.  Event design is working out the way décor elements can affect the flow of the event, and putting all the pretty touches together (from linens to seating charts to candle holders and more) in a way that works with the budget and the overall goal. We can plan without designing, and we can design without planning – or we can do it all!

Why do you focus on using locally grown flowers?

There are many reasons! Buying from local farmers means we support the local economy and help to preserve farmland in our corner of Washington. The farmers we work with are committed to farming sustainably, and share our commitment to keeping our soil, air and water clean. Buying locally, instead of sourcing goods coming via airline from South & Central America, also reduces carbon emissions and packaging.  Finally, sourcing locally grown flowers where possible also means you are getting fresher flowers, and that your event will look connected to the season & location where it occurred.  You can read more about this here.

Why don’t you use floral foam?

That nasty green brick is full of formaldehyde and other carcinogenic, non-biodegradable substances! We don’t want to be exposed to it, and we don’t want to have had a hand in the existence of it on our planet!  Tobey has invested many in educating herself in other techniques so that she can build fabulous floral arrangements and large-scale floral installations without using any foam at all.

Do you provide set up and strike for your florals and décor?

Yes, we can provide full service set up and break down of all elements included in our proposal. We can also provide staffing services if you need help setting up tables, chairs, linens, etc.  Or, if you are looking to save some money, we can leave that work to you!

Can I rent candles or vases from you?

We offer an extensive collection of vases, candle holders, candles and much more for rent. This is a great way to keep your event “green”:  you don’t have to buy as much, and there will be less waste involved. Our collection includes one of a kind décor pieces; candles both “real” and LED styles; candle holders from mercury glass votive holders to brass candlesticks to clear glass cylinders and more. Our vase collection ranges widely in style so there is likely to be something in there for you! We also have table numbers, signs, easels etc.  Visit the rentals page or let us know what you are looking for and we’ll see what we can do!

Do you support marriage equality?

Absolutely!!  We do not discriminate here, and love to work with couples of all colors, faiths & persuasions!

I’m on a budget – do you think we will be able to work together?

We specialize in working creatively to making your dreams come true, and will do our very best to maximize and work with the budget that you have. The best thing is to be honest about your budget up front, list your needs, and then be open to creative suggestions. Tobey has received lots of reviews from happy clients on Wedding Wire who will attest to her ability to work within their budget and still meet their vision.

Do you have an arbor for rent?

Yes, several!  We have a natural, rustic Alder pole arbor measuring 8’ tall, 8’ wide, and available in 3’ deep or 8’ deep if you’d like to use it as a chuppah. It is available with or without draping. Clients with a floral or planning contract have dibs, of course, but it is available to anyone for rent. Floral or greenery decoration is additional (and we are well-known for this!).  We also have copper and iron arbors available.  See our rentals page for more info.

We’d like to hire you to make our bridal party bouquets, but we want to make our centerpieces ourselves. Is that okay?

Yes; we have no problem with DIY weddings!  We can even help you source the flowers for this, and vase rental is available as well if you want to really save yourself some “stuff chasing” hassle. If you are looking for a really fun afternoon or evening, we offer flower design parties!  For elopements and “just personal” packages, we have a bridal bouquet minimum of $325 and a bridesmaid minimum (if you have any) of $65.  Contact us for more info.

Do you have a store or public studio? How can I know what my event will look like if I can’t come by and see what you do?

We work out of a private studio that is not open to the public.  This allows us to focus exclusively on producing your event instead of interrupting your designs to wait on customers. We’d be happy to make a date to meet you and show you our extensive portfolio of work, and to discuss ideas for your unique event. We have lots of reviews from happy customers that you can check out on our Wedding Wire reviews.

Who will be there the day of the wedding to set up florals?

Our team is made up of experienced florists and planners.  Tobey handles all custom floral events herself with the assistance of team members.  If you work with us on a “Season’s Best” package or for personal florals only, Tobey will send experienced team member to deliver and set up your flowers if she is not personally available.

What is the first step if I decide I’m interested in working with you?

We highly recommend that you make an appointment for a short, 15 minute, 1 on 1 phone consultation.  Send an email to tobey@tobeynelson.com with a couple of times that you are available and we will fine a convenient time to talk with you.  While we are happy to correspond exclusively via e-mail, we find that a short phone call can help us understand what you are looking for much more quickly than a lengthy e-mail exchange or endless online forms.  During our conversation, we will get a general idea of your likes, wishes, wants and budget before we send you additional information.