Alex Alexander: 7 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Florists

I was so lucky to sit down with Alex Alexander for my 4th and Bonus episode of Conversations in Sustainable Floral Design.  Alex is a wealth of knowledge about Pinterest, Blogging and Social Media.  I am horribly sad to report that the tech gods were not in attendance for this episode, so I am unable to provide a replay video.  We have scheduled a round 2 for May 18!!  Don’t miss out!  As a teaser for that convo, here is a summary of the Pinterest Marketing Tips for Florists that we covered!

I first met Alex when she worked as a wedding planner.  Alex left wedding planning to found The Eternal Hostess, an entertaining blog.  To succeed in that business, Alex taught herself loads about blogging, Pinterest and social media marketing.  Seeing her success, her wedding industry friends all wanted her to share all her secrets, and @ConsistentContent was born!  Alex’s classes on Pinterest marketing and blogging get rave reviews.  If the Whidbey Flower Workshop hadn’t been cancelled due to CoronaVirus, Alex would have been my business session teacher.  Instead, I feel lucky that Alex agreed to sit down with me for this conversation.  Our chat was LOADED with SO MUCH info it was hard to summarize!  Here are some of the key takeaways.  You definitely want to watch to get ALL of Alex’s Pinterest marketing tips.

Refresh Your Content

Even though Pinterest is a long haul game and you can still be getting traffic from pins that are old, Pinterest has recently changed their algorithms to favor fresh content.  You can refresh an old pin by add or changing text, and repinning.  Canva is a great tool for this!

3 Boards Every Business Should Have

Every business should have a Brand Board, a Media Board, and a Client Reviews board.  Your Brand Board should be named after your business, and all your best work should be pinned here.  This is a great place to use “folders” to organize your content – Bouquets, Arches, etc.   Your Media Board is where you pin any work featured in the press.  Finally, your client testimonials board features pins that contain your customer’s reviews.

If you are concerned about having “messy boards” where pins show up repeatedly, this is the solution.  These 3 boards only get something pinned once, keeping them “tidy”.  You can have other boards that you can pin to repeatedly.

Pin Often

Try to pin 5 to 10 times per day, with a goal of 30 pins per day.  Use a scheduling tool like Tailwind!  If you are scheduling repeat pins, space them farther apart than every 4 – 6 days.  Aim for 30% content from others, and 70% your own content.  This can be a goal to reach toward!  And remember that not all pins need to come from your website.  You can upload pins from your computer or phone.  But remember that keyword quality and good descriptions are more important than pin frequency.

Keywords Are Everything On Pinterest

Keywords are what will get you found.  It is important that you pay attention to them.  They are found everywhere, from your profile to your board names & descriptions to your pins.  Don’t keyword stuff!  Instead, use complete sentences that are keyword rich.  Include words related to your area and your service, such as Las Vegas Florist or Las Vegas Wedding Flowers. Think of what your customers are searching for and the words they use when searching.  Avoid industry jargon.

Include Calls To Action

Wherever you send people (with the link that is embedded on your Pin), make sure they will find 3 CTAs, or Calls To Action, when they get there.  These are directives to give them the information that they need to buy from you, such as “Contact Me”, “Look at My Galleries”, “Read More Testimonials”, etc.   This is a very important step in making Pinterest traffic pay off!

People Love a List

…and they love quotes, round-ups, infographics and numbers.  If you have been blogging your real weddings, you probably have pictures of arbors and bridal bouquets lying around.  A round up or list post is a great way to repurpose content.  Think “10 summer wedding arbors” or “9 Loose Bridal Bouquets with Greenery”, etc.  You can even cut and paste text from other blog posts to create this post.  Use Canva to create a pinnable image with pictures and text, and link to your round-up post.

Video Gets Results on Pinterest

Make the most of your Instagram stories or videos – take a few excerpt clips and post them on Pinterest.  Get multiple use out of once piece of content!

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